FEXER OX guarantees security with full virtualization in today’s Connected world

FEXER OX guarantees security with full virtualization in today’s Connected world

Security and reliability are critical for connected devices and embedded systems in IoT (Internet of Things) era.

SELTECH’s FEXER OX directly interact with CPU core and enables multi OS systems operation in secure and independent manner in fully virtualized environment.

With this methodology, for instance, in system firmware update where security risks are high, access to personal information, device system control information, and proprietary information are fully controlled and securely protected. It improves system reliability.

This functionality can be fully achieved with 32K Byte, extremely compact memory footprint. And it uses only 1% of CPU power, extremely light design. These benefits bring users flexible choices for CPU’s and platforms.

FEXER OX hypervisor also helps customers optimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in migration from distributed microcontrollers usage to SoC integration.


FEXER OX is Fastest, Lightest and Shortest

Bare-metal hypervisor (Type I)

  • Fully optimized for embedded systems, completely different from other hypervisors developed from virtualization technology for PC/Server
  • Highly abstraction design – overhead minimization for; Inter-OS communications, System calls, context switches increases, in read/write in different memory area by virtualized I/O’s
  • Lightest and Fastest
    • Foot print 32K Byte
    • 99% is available for CPU power (tested in LMBench)
  • Flexible choices for major platforms
    • MIPS, ARM, Intel architecture, PowerPC, SH, FPGA, etc.
    • Multi-core, Single-core (support both SMP and AMP)
    • Rich OS’s (Linux, Android, Windows)
    • Rich OS and RTOS (Real-time OS): multi-OS combination
  • Full virtualization
    • Non-Secure mode and Secure-mode switching by utilizing MIPS full-virtualization VZ and ARM TrustZone
    • Controls and protects from threats for Rich OS’s environment Global standard compliant
  • Fully compliant with Global Platform
    Enabling Secure OS
    • Hardware level full virtualization, independent operation utilizing MIPS full-virtualization VZ technology (support M5150 and I6400 cores)
    • Process and hardware resource virtualization utilizing ARM TrustZone
    • Secure interface using Global Platform standard TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)
  • support
    • OS porting needs no modification or slight modification only (normally no modification)
    • Users take advantage of OS/platform providers technical support
    • Shortest turnaround for porting and verification

“ FEXEROX ” use case examples eight Multiple-OS

Consolidating multiple ECPU in a Vehicle SoCs

  • BoM cost reduction also induce assembly cost and weight reduction thus improves in fuel consumption.
  • Improvement in manufacturing efficiency and a development cost because ECU change for every shipping destination is unnecessary. Only SW changes on the same SoC are necessary.
#Using Multi-chip configuration
  • Merit
    • You can continue using the conventional development process
  • Demerit(s)
    • Complex in sharing peripherals and data exchanges
    • Separate RichOS (Linux etc.) monitoring is necessary
#Using Hypervisor (FEXEROX) configuration
  • Merit
    • Easy in sharing peripherals and data exchanges
    • Each RTOS(ECU) operates independently
    • RTOS operate independently even if RichOS (Linux etc.) operation is unstable
    • Hypervisor can monitor and reboot RichOS
    • MIPS VZ and ARM TrustZone are available to access and control peripherals
  • Demerit
    • Installation of Hypervisor necessary (RTOS SW heritage reusable)

Use FEXEROX as a “Secure OS”

  • Supports two secure frameworks, MIPS VZ and ARM TrustZone
  • Provide CAN protection for Infotainment and networking
  • Read only operation for CAN mileage and fuel consumption data access from related applications
  • Can hide RMP key for Digital terrestrial broadcasting and Miracast HDCP key
  • RTOS can handle the rest of protection needs using appropriate secure framework

Co-existence of RichOS & RTOS for Vehicle applications

  • Fast start-up of Linux/Android by parallel execution of Kernel Image Extraction and device initialization
  • Fast start-up operations of Back Camera, Logo animation, Music play using RTOS
  • User can use OS unconsciously

Secure full graphical meter for Vehicle applications

  • Safe graphical meter control using RTOS while Infotainment control using RichOS
  • Meter operation secured even if Linux crashed
  • ISO26262 certification using RTOS with small code size