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Your IoT Partners

Changing lives and lifestyles of people throughout the world together with a wide range of global corporations such as automobile manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers.

Using AI technology and next-generation data security for an IoT society, SELTECH provides new lifestyles with comfort and peace of mind.



“AI technology” and “Next-generation security technology”.
These are the tools we research and develop in order to make comfortable lifestyles and safe IoT society a reality.

“FOXvisor” is a lightweight, compact, high-speed embedded-type hypervisor. The hardware virtualization assistance loaded onto most processors can now be used to effectively separate multiple virtual environments and, even in a safely isolated backend, can be used to operate another independent OS. FOXvisor supports the enhancement and improvement of device security in this advanced information society.


“VAIS” combines high-level voice recognition, visual recognition, and sensor recognition technology with AI, providing excellent user services and solutions using information obtained from the entire system connected to external networks and AI functions, as well as systems that automatically optimize themselves.