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Connected i Partners

Changing lives and lifestyles of people throughout the world together with a wide range of global corporations such as automobile manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers.

With the AIMY recommendation service employing AI technology and next-generation security as a foundation to help answer your diversifying needs, we are working toward providing new lifestyles in which you can live more comfortably and with more peace of mind.



“IoT Security Solutions” and “AI Technology” for everything from the Cloud to IoT Edge devices, based on a foundation of “Next-generation Security Technology”. We strive for the realization of “comfortable living” and “a safe IoT society” provided by the “AIMY Recommendation Engine” based on these areas of research and development.

“FOX” Solutions make multilayered defense possible for every possible layer – from the Cloud, networks, and gateways, which act as the entrance to your devices, to smart devices and IoT Edge devices – and provide the best possible security solutions for an IoT society.