Your IoT Partners

With the coming of the IoT society, in which 50 million terminals are said to be connected to the internet
in the year 2020, we are set to obtain an unprecedentedly convenient and comfortable way of life.
SELTECH’s mission is to take on the crucial factors required for this lifestyle of the future.

User services utilizing high-level AI technology and streamlined infrastructure.
Also as crucial are next-generation security measures against hacking and data theft.

SELTECH brings these two sides of the coin together, using:
“High-level AI technology provision and user service research”“Security measures for an IoT society”
With these two solutions, together with our partners throughout the world,
we will continue to strive to ensure the arrival of that future as quickly as possible.



We strive to establish an artificial intelligence platform for all devices connected to the Internet, for all technologies, services, and markets involved, and for the purpose of helping to create a safer, more pleasant future society.


We will continue to hold dear the strong Japanese spirit of monozukuri (“manufacturing”), and to contribute to the Japanese technological manufacturing industry while also supporting world monozukuri using high-level technology and research and development of original services.


①Work with righteousness
②Have dreams
③Think about what to do next
④Don't be distressed by yourself, let us put our heads together now.