Connected i Partners

In accordance with the coming of our IoT society, in which it is said that over 1 trillion terminals will be connected by the year 2035,
SELTECH’s mission is to take on the crucial factors required for this lifestyle of the future.
we are on track to finally experience the sort of comfortable and convenient lifestyles of which we previously could only dream.

At SELTECH, we strive to tackle head-on some of the most crucial factors of the lifestyles of the future.

Along with high-level AI technology and solid infrastructure,
another factor which cannot be overlooked is next-generation security measures against data theft and misappropriation by hackers.
We provide a revolutionary user experience made possible for the first time ever with these two main elements.

At SELTECH, we provide a next-generation user experience made possible by our “AIMY recommendation engine”,
founded on the concepts of “high-level AI technology” and next-generation security for an IoT society”,
and together with our partners around the globe, we will strive to ensure that the future comes even a day sooner.