Creating the future and bringing protective technology to the world

SELTECH highly values the interpersonal connections built by Japan,
practices mutually beneficial business, and strives to contribute to society.

Message from the CEO

Providing value for people in a post-digital society.
Instead of focusing on what sort of competitive technology to develop, we develop person-focused value.

In order to properly take people into consideration, you must also consider an approach compatible with people’s diversifying values.
With our firm grasp on the embedding technology for which Japan is known, we continue to undertake development of value for people in the IoT society of the future with an approach toward the deep elements of Japanese culture.

When development is focused on people, the wall known as the social construct of industry will disappear in the near future.
It is our mission to paint the big picture of “connected industries” and construct its platform.
Two parts of core competency are cross-industrial and people-focused AI engines, and Security 3.0 for personal privacy protection.
Our core competency is the crystallization of our pursuits in the IoT age.
That is, what sort of value we provide to people.

As the crystallization of one of our pursuits, we were extremely happy to announce our new AI concept, “AIMY”, in November 2017.
Please look forward to the personal value that we at SELTECH will continue to create while reading into the rapidly changing future.


SELTECH Corporation
Shoi Egawa, Representative Director



In pursuit of value for people in a post-digital society.

The world, society, industry, and corporations are all built on personal values.
People’s values are continuing to diversify, and in these modern times in which values and time become crucial factors in consumption behavior, we pinpoint the source of values in information and provide personally optimized information while also protecting said information.


To build a connected industries platform using an AI engine.

So protect the platform with next-generation network security using Security 3.0.


To polish the passion supporting the soul of embedded products with software.

To use imagination to polish the wisdom to solve the compounding issues of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).

Prioritizing bringing something to shape before anything instead of pursuing completion, and to polish the communication skills needed to share a collective goal image.

To polish the self-discipline to make correct judgments and hold one’s own social morals and business manners up to those one wishes to see in society themselves.

To polish our own decision-making regarding operating our company based on the prioritizations and classifications of our stakeholders:
1: Regional community; 2: Employees; 3: Clients; 4: Stockholders

Company Profile

Established September 7th, 2009
CEO Shoi Egawa
Capital 1,364,363,900 yen (incl. capital reserves)
No. of Employees 50 ppl. (incl. temporary employees and consultants; current as of July 2017)
Address 'Main office Green Nanpeidai Bldg. 7F, Nanpeidaicho 16-29, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0036 Japan
Overseas offices: Taiwan; Silicon Valley
Industry type Software development and distribution
Business contents Virtualization (secure) technology development and distribution / “FOXvisor” is a product that provides solutions for security issues in this advanced information society

Development and distribution of voice and visual recognition technology & AI technology for embedded systems / “VAIS” (Voice Vision & AI) is a solution service combining high-level voice recognition technology with artificial intelligence
History 2009 Established as a software development company
  • ・Development & distribution of digital terrestrial digital middleware to various countries with SndiTV
  • ・Development & distribution of application-specific digital receivers with Good Mind Industries
  • ・Began consulting for new startup companies using software
  • ・Began embedded Android development (Android Set Top Box) and server development
  • ・Development of Android-based digital/IP broadcast receiver application
  • ・Research and development of Android-based security systems
  • ・Research and development of embedded security
  • ・Development of security using ARM TrustZone®
  • ・Research and development of voice recognition technology
  • ・Distribution of Android Set Top Box
  • ・Development of TrustZone compatible software for Android/Linux for communications companies
  • ・Development and testing of automobile-loaded TrustZone virtualization technology
  • ・Development of automobile-loaded voice solutions
  • ・Distribution of Android tablet-based dialogue speech recognition systems (Tablet distribution)
  • ・Recognized as ARM/NVIDIA eco-partners
  • ・Development of application-specific music distribution device software
  • ・Full distribution of Hypervisor (embedded virtual technology)
  • ・Development of automobile-loaded AI solutions
  • ・Recognized as Freescale/Renesas Electronics eco-partners
  • ・Development of MFP Hypervisor
  • ・Development of automobile-loaded voice + AI
  • ・Recognized as Imagination/QNX eco-partners
  • ・Development of Imagination (MIPS VZ) Hypervisor
  • ・Development of QNX Hypervisor
  • ・Development of Intel (Intel VT/VT2) Hypervisor
  • ・Business collaboration with various semiconductor/CPU/GPU/DSP manufacturers
  • ・Development of embedded voice + AI
  • ・Development of automated driving AI
  • ・Overseas offices prepared
  • ・Entered CCDS
  • ・Development of FOXvisor for Automotive grade
  • ・Development of IoT v8-M μFOX
  • ・Development in the AI field (visual recognition algorithms, autonomous learning model, emotion recognition algorithms, dialogue platform enhancement)
  • ・Overseas offices established (Taiwan, USA)
  • ・Participated in establishment of Secure IoT Alliance (SIA), inaugurated as secretariat
  • ・Established CCDS device security technology SWG
  • ・Entered Society for Artificial Intelligence
  • ・Advocate for Security 3.0
  • ・FOXvisor graphic virtualization compatibility
  • ・FOXvisor sublicense (started Ecosystem)
  • ・Began IoT House demonstration experiments, development of Secure Intelligent IoT Gateway
  • ・Development in the AI field (development of sensor algorithms, time management algorithms)
  • ・Entered Global Platform