Privacy Policy

SELTECH Corporation aims to provide society with excellent products and services, as well as to gain our users satisfaction and trust.

For this purpose, we strive to build good relationships with our users, as well as with business partners, stockholders, employees, and our many stakeholders.

One of the main points of this is the appropriate maintenance of personal information, the purposes for which we implement the following measures.

  1. We have a separate administrator for each organization for which we handle private information, and we handle said information appropriately.
  2. We acquire private information only after informing the pertinent organization of such acquisition, as well as the purpose for which the information is acquired, and the person in charge of handling said information, and after obtaining permission to acquire said information.
  3. We only use acquired private information for the purposes described beforehand to the pertinent organization.
  4. Excluding situations in which we have been required by law to provide private information, and situations in which we have received the express permission from the pertinent person or organization, we will not provide nor inform third parties of said private information.
  5. We will provide the pertinent individual or organization with details regarding their private information if contacted by said individual or organization directly to the manager responsible for said information.
  6. We constantly strive to provide, maintain, and improve security of private information in order to prevent illegal access to, loss or destruction of, and falsification of private information.
  7. We constantly strive to improve and enhance our secure handling of private information while also obeying all pertinent laws and regulations, in accordance with changes in environment, etc.

Date established: August 1, 2017

SELTECH Corporation
Shoi Egawa, Representative Director