SELTECH’s AI recommendation service “AIMY”
Moving toward a future in which AI becomes more assistive and connects myriad industries

Realizing a lifestyle of the future in which all sorts of interests and
preferences are catered to via high-level behavioral analysis and emotional analysis from “VAIS”.


AIMY makes a “next-generation user experience” possible with an unprecedentedly intuitive service structure and revolutionary UI/UX based on the Japanese culture of “omotenashi”.
Additionally, through development in collaboration with various industries, such as the automotive, home construction, and mobile phone industries, we’ve constructed the AIMY platform with dramatically improved accuracy in order to work toward the faster realization of a seamless IoT society, and of the next generation of connected industries.

AIMY image

We work toward the realization of connected industry society
in which myriad industries are connected seamlessly through AI.