Reduces the number of required product parts, makes improvements in maintainability and safety possible

Supports ISO26262 and IEC61508 certification, and provides to conduct safer product development. (ISO, IEC certification, etc. currently in preparation)
Additionally, by loading two or more OS, on top of being able to secure safety zones previously impossible with a normal OS, it also becomes possible to reduce the number of product parts, increase product maintainability, and facilitate even safer system construction.

Easily compatible with hardware platform changes

FOXvisor is modularly structured, and is designed in such a way as to be separated into architecture-specific (HAL) and non-specific (Kernel) parts.
The interface with the Guest OS as well as inter-Guest OS communication mechanisms are equipped on the non-specific (Kernel) part, making it flexibly compatible with hardware platform changes with regard to user-developed system construction, and allowing for efficient use of existing development resources.

Implement new security compatibility while utilizing existing system construction

The environment provided by FOXvisor is not Guest OS-specific. You can freely add new system modules requiring differing Guest OS environments while continuing to maintain your existing resources and system environment. Adapting to the needs of the market becomes easier, with the ability to implement new security measures while continuing to use existing system construction, and more.

Supports inter-OS communication functions and provides secure communication functions for shared memory space

In some situations, it is important to be able to have multiple Guest OS environments separated and operating safely, but in most cases, users want to have them organically linked and operated, in which case synchronization and communication functions between Guest OS are required. FOXvisor features standard-equipped support for inter-OS communication functions, and also provides secure communication functions for shared memory space. Communication functions utilizing virtual network devices, etc., are also supported. Please feel free to inquire.