Starter Kit (SDK Evaluation Board)

Start secure application development using hypervisor right away

By all means, experience the functionality and scalability of FOXvisor for yourself.

SELTECH provides security measures for IoT machines via the “FOXvisor” hypervisor, ensuring security from the semiconductor and hardware level. With the semiconductor maker board, the starter kit makes it possible for users to begin development of secure applications right away by packaging the Guest OS, hypervisor, and development program, and training courses are also provided, supporting users’ development of secure machines.
SELTECH contributes to the optimization of total costs and time-to-market with regard to the ever-expanding IoT market.

SDK imageSDK image

About the Starter Kit

  • NXP Semiconductors i.MX 6 SABRE AI
  • Guest OS1: Linux i.MX6 compatible BSP
  • Guest OS2: eForce Co., Ltd. RTOS uC3 Evaluation version
  • SELTECH FOXvisor Hypervisor
  • Sample programs for each Guest OS:For secure application development training
  • Training (One day of hands-on training)
Training course contents:
  • 1 Secure application development using FOXvisor
  • 2 Multi-OS application porting to FOXvisor

Compatibility with main market CPU/SoC scheduled soon